meet us


Matt Dobson

After completing 5 years of military service, Matt decided to pursue a different path. Moving back to Arizona, he began working in the nightlife industry in Tempe and Scottsdale, while attending school. He eventually found a career and passion in grassroots activism, working as Director of a non-profit organization dedicated to reforming inefficiency and waste in Veterans healthcare. It was his dive into politics that found him often out with his friends after a long work week, pointing out inefficiency and wasted opportunity at the venues they would frequent. 


Mitch Mustain

After graduating from the University of Southern California ('11 B.A. Foreign Policy) and a short stint in professional sports, Mitch moved to Arizona to work as instructional staff and developer for an emergency-command virtual training center.  Pursuing his passion for emergency medicine and management, Mitch quickly realized his knack for creative and effective solutions in high-stress environments. He eventually found himself also working in one of the largest pediatric trauma centers in the country, where "good enough" simply wasn't acceptable. His competitive nature drove his desire to create solutions for problems others seemed to be unable to.