Why NeverWait?

Many have attempted a similar concept and failed to thrive. How we're doing it differenly:


Seamless POS Integration

The core principle of NeverWait is around convenience and efficiency. Additional accounting systems bog down bartenders and establishment owners at the end of the night. NeverWait provides POS integration with Aloha, Micros, POSitouch, InfoGenisis, Dinerware, and more.


Value to Owners

A 25 billion dollar industry per year in the United States alone, even single digit percentages of fraudulent chargebacks, disputes, and unpaid tabs could mean billions of dollars in lost revenue. NeverWait gives venues peace of mind, locking in payments through more secure methods than traditional means, all before the bartender can even receive an order. With NeverWait, every drink poured will be paid for. 


Value to Bartenders

The largest failure point with other models was the lack of incentive to encourage bartenders to use this application. The NeverWait model accounts for a minimum established gratuity that can be scaled up by the end users. Faster service, higher overall serve volume, higher tip.